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How to Bet on Handball: Comprehensive Guide for 2022

how to bet on handball

Learning how to bet on handball can be very profitable, despite being one of the least popular sports betting disciplines. A thorough understanding of the game and a sound betting strategy are just two factors that can contribute to your level of success. 

Finding long-term success is not easy, but it is certainly doable if you apply yourself correctly. Throughout this guide, we will define Handball betting as well as look at tips and strategies that should help you shape your betting game. Keep reading and improve your odds today! 

Handball Betting in a Nutshell 

Handball betting should be fairly simple to grasp, particularly if you are already familiar with the betting markets. A handball game is played between two teams of six players each, and it consists of two 15-minute halves with a brief halftime break. The games are typically high scoring, resulting in action-packed games, which may explain the sport’s growing popularity.

How to read Betting Odds on Handball

If you are familiar with how betting markets work in Europe, reading handball betting odds will be a breeze.

Because handball is primarily played in Europe, handball bets are most likely to be available only on European betting sites. As a result, you should become acquainted with decimal odds, which are represented as decimal numbers. Decimal odds are arguably the most simple to grasp. To calculate your potential payout, simply multiply your stake by the odds you’ve chosen.

For example: if you bet $10 at odds of 5.0, you would receive a $50 return. This would result in a $40 profit.

Markets: Handball Bet Types

There are several markets on which to bet when it comes to handball betting. Traditionally, bookmakers only allowed you to bet on the outcome of an event, but the betting industry has evolved so much in the last decade that you can now bet on more specific outcomes than occur in handball games. Some of these markets are ideal for employing sophisticated betting strategies.

League Champion

There are several popular handball leagues, mostly in Europe, and the eventual winner of such leagues can be bet on. This is a long-term bet because seasons last approximately 9 months, though this varies depending on the league. The tournament will last only a few weeks in some events, such as the Olympics.

Example: Assume that Team A wins the league. The odds are 2.0, the stake is $10, the return is $20, and the profit is $10.

Match Winner

Betting on the match winner is one of handball’s simplest bets to understand. A handball match involves two teams, and only one of them can win. A draw is also possible in handball, but it rarely happens due to the game’s high-scoring nature.

Example:Team A should win the match. Handicaps: Odds: 1.7, Stake: $10, Return: $17, Profit: $7.

Handicap Bet

A handicap bet in handball means that one team must either win or not lose by a certain amount. A + or – sign will indicate this. For example, if a team’s name contains a + sign, they can lose by the number that follows this symbol. Similarly, if a team has a – after their name, they must win by more than the number that follows this symbol.

Example: Team A will win (+6). This is because team A won by a score of 23 to Team B’s 20. Because team A did not lose by more than six points, this bet would win.

Margin of Victory

It is possible to bet on how much a team will win in handball. Almost always, this will take the form of an over/under wager. You would win your bet if the number was greater than or less than the amount you chose.

Example: Team A should win by more than ten points. Team A won 27 to 19 in the end. In this event, the team you backed failed to win by ten goals or more. Unfortunately, this would result in a losing bet.

Total Objectives

You can bet on how many goals you expect to see in a handball match. Because of the high-scoring nature of the game, the available options are frequently limited to a specific range, such as 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, and so on.

Example: Total number of goals scored in the match. 41-50, Team A won with a score of 23 to Team B’s 22. In this event, the total number of goals scored in the game is 45. As a result, this would result in a winning bet.

Bets on Propositions

Proposition bets are a type of bet that is thought to be a more precise bet in the handball game. There are technically no limits to what a bookmaker can offer here. Still, apparent examples include betting on the number of goals a player will score and selecting the game’s highest goalscorer.

Example: Player A could be the game’s leading scorer. 2.5 odds, $10 stake, $25 return, $15 profit

Betting Strategy For Handball

If you want to be successful when betting on handball, we recommend using an effective handball betting strategy. This will cover both the fundamentals of calculating how much of your bankroll you will spend on bets and the specifics of betting on the sport. Some of the things you should consider before placing any bets are listed below.

Gambling and sports betting, like investing, are plagued by fake gurus selling courses or automated tools that over-promise and under-deliver. Never believe in “sure-fire winning strategies.” There is no miracle; you must study and will experience long losing streaks. This is unavoidable, so don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose.

Concentrate on totals

If you have a good understanding of handball, you should be able to predict which games will have a high number of goals. From a statistical standpoint, the best way to figure this out is to look at the average totals for each team’s games. 

However, this should only be used as a guide, as the styles of the teams can often result in a perfect match and a high-scoring game, while the opposite is often true, resulting in a lower-scoring game.

Improve your spread betting and winning margins

Handball games are high-scoring affairs. This is the sole reason why winning margin bets and spread betting remain popular handball betting options. When betting on how much or how little a team will win, we recommend only picking underdogs or heavy favorites. This is because there are times when you believe the bookmaker exaggerates the quality difference between the two sides.

Spread betting can be extremely risky, so before you place any bet, please consider how much you can potentially use. There is a limit for specific bets, but it can be much higher than you are staking. When you are correct, however, the potential for large profits is enormous.

Use accumulators only after you’ve mastered the technique

Using accumulator bets in handball is difficult because each selection must be correct for you to see a return. The disadvantage of accumulators is that your picks may turn out to be well-chosen options, but if one team or outcome fails to deliver, you will be out of money.

Sometimes, an accumulator bet appears to be the best option, but recognizing these occasions takes practice, so it’s best to avoid accumulators for a while.

Try In-Play Betting to Find Value Bets 

In-play betting offers a wide range of odds, making it an excellent way to find value bets. On the other hand, a few minutes or even a single moment in a game can change the entire odds. As a result, you should proceed with caution and only place bets where you are fully aware of the risks. 

Using a betting exchange site, you can place orders to instantly have a bet placed at the odds you prefer. If executed correctly, this strategy has the potential to be extremely profitable.

There are More Goals in Friendly Matches

Friendly matches tend to have more goals, and we can only assume that this is because the matches are less important, allowing the teams to play with more freedom. Players are more likely to stick to their tactics and work within the framework of their instructions during important league and cup matches. 

However, during friendlies, many players are free to express themselves, and often, achieving match fitness is the true goal instead of actually winning the game. In general, considering the game’s status for both teams participating in the match is a good idea.

Match betting at halftime can be profitable

Handball betting on halftime is arguably easier to predict. Both teams’ playing styles frequently determine how they start the game. Things tend to even out throughout the game, as teams that play with high energy will eventually lose some of their edges, which could come back to bite them later in the game. 

If you intend to bet on the underdog in a match, you may be better off placing a half-time bet rather than a full-time bet because your thinking only needs to be partially correct to win your bet.

Don’t bet on the draw

Handball matches are rarely drawn, so avoid them like the plague even if the odds are tempting; it’s an EV- bet in the long run. The reasoning is straightforward. Handball games are very high scoring, so ending up all square is extremely rare, and no bookmaker will offer you high enough odds for the bet to be considered worthwhile in the long run.

Betting on Handball: FaQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about handball betting.

Can you make money betting on handball?

It is possible to profit from handball betting, but your success will be determined by a number of factors. You must first improve your game knowledge, but you will also require a solid betting strategy to back this up. Discipline is also essential.

What is the most effective handball betting strategy?

When it comes to betting on any sport, there is no such thing as a best handball betting strategy, and handball is no exception. However, we believe that the total markets in handball games can be very profitable and that it is one of the simplest markets in which to implement a strategy.

Is it possible to profit from lay betting in handball?

It is possible to profit from lay betting in handball, and you can make a strong case that it is a much simpler form of betting than the traditional one in which you are betting on an outcome rather than against it. Such bets typically allow for more room for error because you only need to predict what will not happen rather than what will.

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